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20 Unknown Facts about the movie “Chaar Sahibzaade”

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‘Chaar Saahibzaade’, the animated Punjabi movie, based on the life of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s four sons (Sahib Ajit Singh Ji, Sahib Jujhar Singh Ji, Sahib Zorawar Singh Ji and Sahib Fateh Singh Ji) and their sacrifices during Mughal regime, is garnering applause from people of all backgrounds in Punjab.



Below are the 20 Unknown Facts about the movie “Chaar Sahibzaade”

  1. First 3D Animated movie based on Sikh History, Culture, Faith and Sacrifice.
  2. First film in which the youth coming out with soggy eyes.
  3. It takes almost three and a half years to make movie Chaar Sahibzaade.
  4. This is the first movie that even Singh Sahiban’s from Sri Hazur Sahib have watched in the Cinema Halls.
  5. First movie which is not promoted on any Shows like Comedy nights etc
  6. Chaar Sahibzaade is simultaneously made and released worldwide in three languages such as English, Hindi and Punjabi.
  7. Chaar Sahibzaade” topped the business chart in foreign countries such as the UK, Australia and New Zealand.
  8. Movie Chaar Sahibzaade has landed in the second spot in the US business chart, its per-screen average is much higher than that of “Happy New Year”. In USA box office, “Happy New Year” has collected $152,568 from 89 screens Whereas, “Chaar Sahibzaade” has collected $91,505 from 15 screens. Considering its screen count, its collection is much higher than that of the SRK starrer.
  9. Chaar Sahibzaade” has collected £81,348 from 16 screens in the UK, A$141,387 from 22 screens in Australia and NZ$33,832 from 7 screens in New Zealand in the first weekend.
  10. The net collection of the movie for first 5 days is nearly 2.50 Crore. The best earning by an animation movie in Hindi is 5.25 Crore net (By Hanuman). Chaar Sahibzaade will definitely cross this mark to become most successful animation movie in India till date.
  11. Gursikh in Aurangabad has booked the Cinema hall for 3 days and made it open to everyone who is keen to see the movie.
  12. Gurgaon DT star Mall is providing free beverage and snacks for the audience. Also the movie ticket is reduced to very low.
  13. Akal Purakh School academy is showing the movie to 50,000 students across 42 schools.
  14. In Ranchi, the movie has been arranged free of charge on 11th and 12th November.
  15. Even with the lack of Hollywood animation, this film does well to entertain and enrich a neutral audience. It’s not just for Sikhs or Punjabi’s, it’s for anyone who believes in truth, honesty and ethics (the main pillars of any belief).
  16. The movie has received a rather high rating of 9.9 on IMDB.
  17. The State Governments of Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab and Uttarakhand declared the movie tax free.
  18. This movie has certainly awakened a part of everyone soul that was becoming weak. The chaar sahibzaade are our true heroes!!!
  19. The movie is giving the right influence and guidance to the younger generation to bring Sikhi back to what it was at the times of our beloved Gurus.
  20. The history of any religion may be written with pen & ink but the Glorious Sikh History is written with the edge of Sword & the redness of the blood. The foundation of Sikhism is very strong, and it is cemented on the supreme sacrifices of its great Martyrs, including The “Chaar Sahibzaade”.


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  1. Kuldeep Singh

    November 18, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    We must support such excellent work so that more people become aware of True vales of what Sikhism is about. The so called corrupt Sikh Leaders need to be removed and in place have dedicated , informed and Seva Pav Sikhs who can better manage Guru’s Golak. Gurfateh Ji.

    • Puneet Singh

      November 21, 2014 at 1:36 pm

      Very well said Kuldeep Singh Veerji. Sikhs are loosing their true values these days.

  2. Gurinder Kaur

    November 20, 2014 at 11:35 pm

    Some more FACTS are as below:
    – The Khanda insignia put on Dastars of Sahibzaades in the movie was not available during Guru’s Time period. It was discovered much later.
    – Mata Gujri ji was a dastar wearing Singhani, but its not shown in the movie. She was also not emotional or weak as shown at some instances, rather she was a warrior and never had tears in her eyes.
    – The conversation between Mata Gurjri ji and Gangu has also not been correctly scripted.

    No Doubt, Director has done a good work in bringing such a movie for Sikh Audience especially and he has earned much more money than his own expectations too.
    Vismaad has previously come with many such Animation movie projects too but because of Budget limitations, it could not reach all sides of the World. Sikh Community needs to support our own Gursikh Directors for bringing such projects at large scale too…

    • Puneet Singh

      November 21, 2014 at 1:48 pm

      Very Good points Gurinder Kaur Ji, I think it’s difficult to present everything in a 2 hours movie but certainly this movie has given a lot of awareness to youngster about Sikh History, Culture, Faith and Sacrifice of brave Sikhs and 4 Sahibzaade’s.
      Yes you are right, we should support such organizations who are working with Seva Pav for Sikh community.

      Thanks for your comment

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