Top 8 takeaways before you break free of your job

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Over the past many years, you might have spent a lot of time sitting in corporate cubicles and do the work which we’re are not passionate about. You wanted to start your own business but what is stopping you is the high rate of failure among startups and leaving your current job which gives you fair salary for your needs.

With this truth, there is another truth which is Job insecurity. Most of us working in Private organization’s and can get fired anytime. Living with constant job insecurity can be stressful and the “fear” of losing your job – can be more harmful to your health than actually losing it.
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Believe me, if you think that you can be an entrepreneur or have that skills to open your own company than You make yourself standout one in ten thousand people or even more. Think of the startups which succeeds in their objective – How differently they’ve executed their plan than the failed startups?

So, before leaving your current job, identify the Niche which kicks your passion and do the complete research on that. This article is focusing on the top takeaways before you break free of your job and starts your own company.


Top 8 takeaways before you break free of your job


1. Explore Your Niche

Take time to find out more about your Niche, your area of work, market, customers and competitors and most importantly yourself. Look inward, outward and forward for your niche that will sustain you for the long time.


2. Seek Assistance from Experts

Go to experts for advice. Act like a reporter and ask million questions. Their advice can direct your plan to the right direction.


3. Explore the Latest Technology

Whether you need it or not, it’s good to know what’s out there. Take some time to get to know the latest technology trends, this may give you the new or unique idea to serve your customers better.


4. Focus on Sustainability

Try to explore the ways to work where nothing is wasted. Look at the long term effects of every purchase, including packaging and energy use.


5. Make a Web presence with Social networking

This is a must need of every business to have a web presence since future is moving fast towards Digital Life where everything is connected via Internet.


6. Own your name

You have to make sure that the company name you choose is one with the available trademark and Internet domain name. If you use other trademark name for your company, it will put your fledgling business at risk.


7. Define your Target Audience

Appealing to everyone appeals to no one. You need to focus on your target audience and style everything from your website to your marketing campaigns around them. Make sure you are targeting the right people by sending out questionnaires, speaking to your customers through social media and holding focus groups.


8. Define USP

Your USP(unique sales proposition) defines what is special about your offering which customers can’t get elsewhere.  Customer will only come to you if you are selling something better, unique or different.


Do you also want to be an Entrepreneur and run your own business? What is your motivation to become one? Do feel free to share your views.
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