What will you lose If you start your own business or become entrepreneur?

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Have you ever imagined what will you lose if you start your own business or become an Entrepreneur?

Ask yourself “What am I really risking if things doesn’t work out as it should come? Will I be worse off than I am now?” Don’t risk what you can’t afford. If the risk is only to lose some time, energy and money, then the risk is likely worth it.

Below questions were identified and analysed by Me since I’m planning to become an Entrepreneur. Being born in a middle class family, it is important for me to scrutinize every aspect going forward.” So try to understand the risk of Leaving the Job and analyze whether you should go ahead with your dream or it is not the right time.

Let me share what will you lose if you start your own business.


1. Career is on Risk

If you are planning to start your own business, you might risk your professional career. If somehow your business doesn’t work and you plan to do the job again then the Gap in your work experience may create problems in getting you the desired job.


2. Personal Finances

You will risk your personal finances which you have earned after working hard for so many years.

“Spending money is always easier than earning money”


3. Health at stake

Being responsible for all decisions can be quite stressful and handling such responsibility can be difficult.

Starting anything new is stressful—emotionally and financially and If you are not careful, the stress of starting a new business can jeopardize your health.


4. Lack of Time for Family and Friends

Although entrepreneurs benefit from a flexible schedule they often have to work very long hours particularly in the start-up phase. Sometimes starting new is stressful—emotionally and financially and it is easy for that stress to spill over into your relationships with your spouse and kids.

Moreover entrepreneurs’ work schedules are never predictable and they must deal with emergencies that may occur at any time.


5. Income is not Constant

Becoming an entrepreneur means you have to leave behind the security of having a paycheck each month. And also the income for every month differ, you may have to see the months with less or no income during initial stages.


Do you also want to be an Entrepreneur and run your own business? What is your motivation to become one? Do feel free to share your views.
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