Free Marketing Videos for your Business for Sikhs

Do you want Free Marketing Videos for your Business?

Do you have a fantastic vision for your business that you would like to bring across to your prospects?

Do you want the movers, shakers and decision-makers to get a better idea of what you are doing?

However, it is a whole new ball game to explain your vision to your customers, partners and investors.
Don’t just tell them how wonderful your product or service are, but show them using ‘Sikh Professionals‘ video script service.

  • Crush your competitors with energetic video promotions of your products or Service.
  • Make a positive impressions to your clients.
  • Effectively introduce your business.
  • Explain what your business does, and how it benefit the People.

Allow us to effectively introduce your business, explain what it does, and tell people why they need you. You can send the Final Video through email, embed in your websites or blogs, Youtube, Facebook and other social media.

It’s a fast, effective and memorable way to make an impact on your audience and provide them with the most important information that is needed for them to make an informed buying decision.

Explainer video. – Without this foundation, the rest of your material will be dead in the water of targeted prospects.

In order to help our Sikh Brothers and Sisters to grow their business, this service is totally Free of Cost (Free Sewa).



In order to request the Video for your business, Please provide the following information:
You may provide your own text messages.

1. TEXT 1 – Hello, We are…(Your company name or your name).
2. TEXT 2 – We provide following services (List of services).
3. TEXT 3 – We are here to help you with following problems. (Optional)
4. TEXT 4 – We will make. (Optional)
5. DESCRIPTION – Brief description about your business.
6. CONTACT DETAILS – Your contact details like phone, email etc.
7. YOUR LOGO – jpeg and png images are usable.
8. YOUR DOMAIN – Your domain or blog.
9. YOUR FACEBOOK – Your FB page.
10. Any Other Miscellaneous Information you want to include in the Video. Please specify all.


Send Your Request to:

Name: Puneet Singh
Email ID: OR

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