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Why Guru Gobind Singh Ji keeps Baaz and created Singh (Khalsa)?

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We grow up listening stories of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s and the Baaz (White Falcon) that he carries perched on his right hand. Also many times we have listened about how Guru Gobind Ji created “Singh” (Khalsa).

Have you ever thought why Guru Gobind Singh Ji keeps “Baaz” with him? And Why Guru Gobind Singh Ji created “Singh”? Is there any logic, history or similarities among these two?  Certainly Yes. At the time of creating Panj pyare, when Guru Gobind Singh Ji was making Amrit (holy nectar) than few drops of Amrit were fallen from the cauldron, were consumed by a small group of sparrows. Suddenly sparrows turned on and attacked the Baaz to such an extent that Baaz had to take a flight, followed strenuously by the sparrows. This incident shows the Sikhs that Amrit has immense power, after drinking few drops even sparrow gets the courage to take on Baaz. Also we heart this phrase many times:

Chidian De Naal Baaz Larava, Tabhe Gobind Singh Naam Kahava.
Only when I make birds fight hawks, will I call myself Gobind Singh.

Savah Laakh Say Aik Laraoun, Tabai Gobind Singh Naam Kahaoun
I will make 1 fight 125000, then my name shall be Gobind Singh.


There are 4 similar traits between Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Baaz and Singh.

1. One cannot keep Baaz in a Cage; either Baaz will break it or Die.

Similarly, Singh cannot accept Slavery and repression. He shall always struggle for his freedom and honor.


2. Baaz’s are courageous, strong and extremely agile birds provided with dreadful weapons.

Similarly, Singh’s are respectful, courageous, hardworking, and enterprising. Weapons, especially the sword have a deep spiritual meaning within Sikhism. The Kirpan is one of the articles of faith that every baptized Sikh Khalsa is required to carry at all times.  It shows the force of Good that shall ever strive to protect truth and weak and the destroyer of evil and tyrant.


3. Baaz has very good eye sight ~ they can spot a meal up to a mile away. They always fly high and keep a close eye on their meal in the bottom.

Similarly, in daily Ardaas, Singh seeks “Man neeva Mat uchi” which means Singh must discard his or her ego, arrogance and haughtiness and always keep high moral values and high spirituals principles.


4. Baaz is the swiftest birds of prey and is very muscular. They catch their prey in mid-air.  It has been observed that if their meal falls to the ground, they won’t go get it.  In fact, they don’t usually fly lower than the level of their nest. And also it is believed that Baaz catch prey on their own; and never eats other’s food.

Similarly, Singh always take stand on their rights, belief and truth and never indulge in taking other person’s rights.



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  1. sukhvinder singh

    December 28, 2014 at 3:29 am

    dear brothers/sisters,
    Sikhism is not supposed to show chamatkar. Please do no propagate anything like it. Symbolism, some times, takes an undesireable turn. Baba Nanak ji tried to abolish it. Please do no start propagating stories of chamatkar. My humble view.

    • Puneet Singh

      December 28, 2014 at 3:56 am

      Dear Sukhvinder Singh, Many thanks for your comment. Yes, you are right sometimes incorrect Symbolism may take an wrong turn. But when correct Symbolism is presented it takes a positive turn and influence many people life. These days, there is a lack of motivation in the Sikh’s to live the life what GuruJi told us to live and its important to encourage people and let them know the importance of Amrit.

      Amrit has immense power, after drinking few drops even sparrow gets the courage to take on Baaz. Imagine the power of Guru’s Khalsa after taking Amrit.
      “Sava Lakh say ek ladau”
      (One will confront a lakh and a quarter of the enemy)”

      Guru Gobind Singh Ji said “I will create my Khalsa of such courage and vigour that he will take on armies of the enemy, he will stand up for the poor and the downtrodden.

      But this Khalsa force is missing. I hope you understand my point. Please do share your point of view as well. And I appreciate for comment.

    • kanu singh

      June 4, 2015 at 11:44 am

      i think you are wrong with respect to calling it a chamatkar. you are going against the very gurbani in sggs when you say there is no such thing as supernatural events. it is written over and over in many different ways. hell will freeze over but the word of a true saint will always come true. guru nanak specifically fought against EMPTY RITUALS and EMPTY SYMBOLS. sikhism is a complete religion with no missing links and every symbol and ritual and preserved piece of information serves to empower the sikh, it is nothing like the archaic un-productive things going on during guru nanaks time, like sitting down and watching a prayer you do not understand or praying to a statue just because it is accepted, or eating a specific diet or holding a specific profession because you are told to by a priest. blind ritual and blind faith are not the same as meaningful symbolism. by the way if you dont consider the khalsa itself as the greatest chamatkar ever you dont understand chamatkar. also if you dont believe it was a true chamatkar the way the khalsa persevered after 1708 when they were on their own and had every monetary and life-preserving reason to give up their faith and accept islam, but instead fought and won finally in 1780. this is true chamatkar, the rest is certainly possible if this was.

      • Puneet Singh

        June 5, 2015 at 5:23 am

        Dear Kanu Singh, Thanks for your comment. This article is trying to highlight the power of Amrit. As you said, Khalsa didn’t accept Islam and won the battle in 1780. It is the power of Amrit which makes a Sikh – The Khalsa and Khalsa stand against evils.

        we have read this phrase many times:
        Savah Laakh Say Aik Laraoun, Tabai Gobind Singh Naam Kahaoun
        I will make 1 fight 125000, then my name shall be Gobind Singh.

        How this is possible? How can a normal Sikh who took Amrit fight with 1,25000 people? Do Amrit has that chamatkar? By taking Amrit, Our inner strength and will makes it possible to stand against injustice.

        Here also I am trying to highlight the power of Amrit, Guru Gobind Singh Ji Baaz and Guru Gobind Singh Ji Khalsa.

        Bhool chuk maaf and I appreciate the discussion.

  2. Harminder s

    February 28, 2016 at 1:39 pm

    Dear puneet singh

    U have made a very good a article. Was at gurudwara today and the pracharac higlighted some of your points.

    Please ignore these negative comments from these uneducated punjabis…our world is full of miracles and sikhdom is no stranger to it!

    Please produce more and more factful articles like this

    Godbless… Akaal!!!!

  3. Guruswamy sethuraman

    November 13, 2016 at 3:54 am

    Excellent to read. Felt elated. I have posted special articles about Guru GOVIND Singhji in my Facebook page of Guruswamy sethuraman. If you can publish the incident of guru GOVIND singhji and the musket anecdote,it will be an eye opener for the younger generation.
    Facebook page of Guruswamy sethuraman
    I have posted about Wahe guru in my science of fortune book page. You will like it.
    I am a devotee of WaheGuru.

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