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KHALSA – Sikh Values

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The principles of universal equality and brotherhood are the important pillars of Sikhism.

The Sikh values are associated with each letter in the eternal word KHALSA”.These Sikh values stem out of the Mool Mantar which are as follows :

K – Knowledge of Divine :

The Sikh ever strives to know more and more about Spiritual path through Gurbani vichaar.

H – Humility :

Humility is the first value that the Sikh embraces as it opens up the mind to appreciate the invisibly pervading Hukam all around.

A – All is One :

The Sikh through grace of the Guru sees ONENESS in the creation. Oneness is then behind the way the Sikh lives life.

L – Love for All:

Knowing the Jyot being in all and everything the Sikh suspends judgmental thinking. The behavior of the Sikh is like that of Bhai Kanhaiya ji and Sikh chooses to be a Nirvair.

S – Self Respect :

The Sikh respects the body and the way of life in the creation. The life is lived with respect for all and so also self respect,truly in alignment with being Nirbhau.

A – Attached to One: The life of the Sikh is of Simran i.e. attachment to Waheguru ji day in and day out.



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