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Baisakhi – New Year Of Sikhs

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In the year of 1699, Guru Gobind Singh Ji decided to give his followers a different religion. During time of Guru Gobind Rai, rulers of land were very cruel. They wanted everyone to join same religion as them. Time had come for Guru to show light. So Guru Gobind called all his followers to gather in Anandpur. Guru Gobind Rai was actually preparing a great test for his beloveds. Guru Gobind Singh standing on a hill unsheathed his sword and roared.

“Is there any loyal Sikh who will give the gift of their head.” Guru’s powerful voice shocked people to their bones. Again Guruji roared “who will give their head.” Without hesitating hand clasped together. A man named Daya  moved towards Guruji saying “Guruji, my head is yours”. Guruji take him to  and after a while sangat saw blood coming out of tent.

Most people were scared and some felt vibration of heaven. Guruji raised his sword, blood dripping from it. Again he roared ” Give me another head”. Another man Dharam chand came forward. Guruji did same as before. Guruji called three more men, Himmat, Mohkam, and Sahib offered their head.

The truth is we are not fully alive until we live beyond fear of death. Next, a large bowl was brought and water was poured into it. Guruji put his double edged sword in bowl and started stirring and sing ” IK ONKAR SATNAM KARTA PURAKH NIRBHAU, NIRVAIR, AKAL MURAT, AJOONI, SAIBHANG, GURPARSAD JAP, AAD SACH, JUGAAD SACH, HAI BHI SACH NANAK HOSI BHI SACH..” And recited all 5 nitnem Bani’s while stirring. Guruji’s wife Mata Sahib poured sugar sweets in to nectar.

On that day thousands of men become royal lions and thousands of women become Graceful princess. The Khalsa had been formed and is celebrated as baisakhi on 13th April.Κ

I am Sandeep Kaur Graduate from Calcutta university.. Currently staying in Punjab


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