Facebook promotes a Sikh Man But Racist can’t take it!!

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The founder and creator of, a cartoonist Vishavjit Singh, known to many as a super hero aka Captain America was recently featured in a Facebook Ad for Facebook Tips. It was just a 27 seconds video in which Vishavjit Singh was talking about “How a Facebook Like can make your News feed better” but racist cannot digest it.

Since he is a turbaned Sikh, he is facing racism over his featured video. All these internet trolls on Facebook, uneducated, misinformed and racists people; these are judging him because he looks different or believes in a different religion. For those ignorant people who refer to Vishavjit Singh as “Terrorist”, “Bin Laden” or “ISIS” or any other name, he’s a SIKH not a muslim.  Even if he was a Muslim, how can you label him a terrorist, how can you blame all people over actions of a single man.


racist of sikhism


See what racist has to say about the video:


racist of sikhism


And below is the link to the video that was promoted by Facebook. Watch out yourself if you find some problems in that.





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